Symbol Of Fashion Statement

Symbol Of Fashion Statement

Yes, Jewellery has always happened to be a symbol of a fashion statement.

Women of young and old age has adorned different pieces of jewellery be it earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, brooches etc made of different materials such as pearls, diamond, silver, gold, metal etc just as a fashionable element to sport with as an enhancement of beauty.

But these jewelleries are not limited to fashion uses only. These pieces of jewelries can be used for one way or the other for other decorative and useful purposes and they can come to be pretty economical and smart decorative ideas.

Here are a few ways of utilizing jewellery other than using it in a fashion sort of a way

1. Brooches are not meant only to be pinned on shirts

You must be having a memory of your grandmother or mother who passed down a very favorite brooch worn by them in their young days. It might hold a great sentimental value for you. You can use this brooch as a beautiful pin to stick on a gorgeous bouquet of roses and gift it to someone special as a gift. Flowers will wither and die after some days, but that brooch will remain pinned and remind the person of the emotional value it holds. It is a beautiful heartfelt touch to a very simple idea of gifting someone.

2. Use those broken buttons as an antique pendant

We have all had hundreds of button just popping out of the shirt while we force to pin it. Instead of throwing them into a trash make a collection of the broken buttons and put them through a thin chain and there you have got yourself an interesting piece of jewellery to parade around in. It is a rather interesting way of reutilizing such a non thinkable piece of material to craft out a piece of jewellery. So here you see how you don’t need jewellery sort of materials to make accessories to wear, you can use materials from our day to day usage to make something of your own.

3. The coverings of jewellery boxes can be turned into coasters

Now who would have thought about such a miraculous move? Those covered tops of your fancy jewellery boxes can easily be inverted and transformed into a coaster. It looks pretty and very creative. It is also the perfect size to be considered as a coaster. You can add some decorations to look it all decked up and it is good to go.

So you got a pretty smart and creative idea about how you can make little pieces of jewellery come into use other than using it only for fashion purposes, as well as how you can use materials of your clothes or crockery or any other part to design a piece of jewellery for yourself.