A Brief Guide on Mezuzah

A Brief Guide on Mezuzah

What is a mezuzah?

Generally, almost all of us use a winchamp on the door. Some use it as a décor item, while some others use it for bringing good will to the family. Whatever be the reason, a winchamp has got different names in different cultures. Likewise, the Jews use silver mezuzah as their door marker.

The mezuzah has two parts namely, a mezuzah case and a mezuzah parchment. The parchment of the Mezuzah is embarked with Hebrew versus taken from the Torah. The mezuzah and the parchment are kept inside the mezuzah case. This case is then attached to the top third of a doorway on the right-hand side. The mezuzah is tilted towards the inner side of the room.

What is kosher mezuzah?

The kosher scroll is contained inside the kosher mezuzah. A normal kosher is turned to a scroll when an expert scribbles mezuzah scripture on the scroll. For writing the scriptures, the expert has to follow certain rules as given by the law. The writing has to have an intention and has to be written in order. Further, the mezuzah kosher should not have anything tampered on the scroll.

There should be no cracks. Each and every letter written on the scroll has to be prominent. Again, in order to turn a normal scroll to a kosher, the whole write up has to be written on hand. On the other side of the scroll, a name is printed – ‘Sha-dai’. This Hebrew word is the acronym of “guardian of the doorways of Israel.”

What purpose does a mezuzah serve?

Since the mezuzah is affixed at the doorways of the Jews, hence the religious ones first touch them and the kiss their hands while entering and leaving the household. So, as many times as they pass through the mezuzah along with their mezuzot, they do the same again and again.

Why Jews use mezuzah on their doors?

The Jews use mezuzah for some definite reason. According to the Torah, the meaning of using mezuzah is this: “you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” Well, this implies that the people entering and leaving your house are under the blessings and good wishes of the God. While leaving or entering the house they can touch and kiss the mezuzah so that it brings good vibes to them.

Mezuzah as a gift

If you have any plans ahead of gifting a mezuzah to your friend, chuck it off immediately. Actually, the home owners prefer to buy mezuzah on their own. Since a sign of goodness is attached to it, so it is better not to gift it to anyone. It is a very personal gift that can be handed down from a parent to a child or vice versa. So, if you are not in that close a relationship, chuck off the idea of gifting a mezuzah.


Therefore, after knowing about the vastness and religious undertones attached to a mezuzah, you must be wishing to have one. Why wait! Buy one for yourself soon!